What’s metastability?

When a flop’s setup and hold time are not met, a flop enters into a metastable state. Data is captured at a time when it’s neither a zero nor a one and struggles its way inside the cross coupled inverter of the flop to come to a stable state eventually. This struggle time of the flop is called the metastable state.

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Design for low power : System Level

Problem : How to optimize a design for low power

Solution :

Power = CL * Vdd ^ 2 * f

CL: Load Capacitance ; Vdd : Supply Voltage; f:  Operating frequency

Entire chip/circuit can be considered as a lumped capacitive load, which charges and discharges. Reducing this lumped capacitance value would reduce power. Optimize your design for number of flops, number of gates, states.

Vdd: Reducing the power supply by a factor of 2 reduces the power by a factor of 4. However power supply reduction comes with a price of making the design slower. Consider reducing supply voltage on non-critical paths.

F: Reducing the number of computations and there by reducing the frequency at which the    flops/capacitance switch reduces the power








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This blog is to explore problems and solutions inside a silicon chip

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